Paper Industry

From pulp to final paper to print, there are several processes involved in paper making. Across a span of more than 70 years, we have cultivated a profound expertise in this domain. Our products play a role that is both subtle and paramount. Here’s how we are helping our clients:
  • Decreased operational disruptions resulting from repeated wear and tear 
  • Unparalleled post-purchase support; it’s not just business but a partnership for us
  • Expert guidance and customized solutions as per your requirements
  • Support extended in press design and load maximization solutions

Forming section

Wire roll, breast roll, wire turning roll, suction couch roll, lump breaker roll, couch press roll, mould couch roll, suction rider drum roll [SRD]

Press section

Suction press roll, blind drilled roll, plain press roll, grooved roll, hard top press roll, felt roll, smoothening pressroll [top and bottom]

Coating section

Pond size press roll [hard and soft], film press roll, coater backing [rod] roll, coater backing [blade] roll, applicator roll

Dryer section

Dryer felt roll

Yankee dryer section

MG touch roll [also known as yankee pressure roll]

Calender section

Soft calender rolls [gloss calender]