Our Services

Value-added services

Our commitment to providing quality products doesn’t end with manufacturing them. The comprehensive range of services we provide add a new dimension to our offerings, ensuring your rubber rollers maintain peak performance throughout their lifecycle. Some of the services we provide include:


Our state-of-the-art grinding machines ensure that your rollers maintain their desired profiles and adhere to stringent design dimensions

Static and dynamic balancing

When it comes to the performance of rubber rollers, static and dynamic balancing of the roller is of prime importance. We offer advanced balancing solutions that ensure the stability and accuracy of rollers, minimizing vibrations and maximizing efficiency.

New metal shell fabrication

We understand that our clients desire convenience and prefer a one stop shop for all their roll requirements. Which is why we are engaged in new metal shell fabrication and have the capabilities to fulfill all relevant maintenance and repair aspects of the metal shell

Journal and shaft repair

Our skilled technicians excel in journal and shaft repair, extending the lifespan of your rollers by restoring their structural integrity and functionality

Roll covering recommendations

With a deep understanding of rubber properties and through extensive R&D efforts, we provide expert recommendations on the most suitable rubber coatings for your specific applications

Roll performance optimization tools

We have access to proprietary technology tools that can perform engineered nip analyses and predict roller behavior under operating conditions. This technology simulates roll performance and how it is affected when operating conditions are altered by the end user.